Do Not Sweat The Small Stuff

People come to your wedding for three thing.

1.  To see you walk down the isle and tie the knot.

2.  Have great food and maybe have a drink or two.

3. See your expression on the happiest day of your life.

Not everything will be perfect the day of your wedding but keeping a great attitude will make the photos amazing and everyone will remember the day as epic.

Golden Rules to message your bridesmaids

Brides maids, friend of bride and are my wedding day rules. 1. No selfies unless the bride is in them until after the ceremony. 2. When walking behind her in her dress you should not use the terms oops, oh no, crap, do not tell her 3. do not talk about gossip, your problems or anything negative until after the ceremony. This is my bride’s time to be happy so do not bring her down. Thanks, say cheese.selfies


What is needed for a stunning and unique photo shoot.

It takes a team to create amazing images and my clients are the most important team member: 1. The client being comfortable with the photographer. 2. Client understanding the story/theme so their body language/expressions will look natural. 3. Great hair/makeup ( Sara Eudy or Makeup By Darcie ) 4. Location to fit theme 5.Wardrobe to match story and location which sometimes means hiring a wardrobe stylist (Vico Puentes) 6. photographer to have proper tools such as lighting 7. COMMUNICATION before, during and after photoshoot. Just my opinion to help new photographers achieve quality results. Lately for photo shoots that require a high level of stylizing a photo I have been using Sandi Gagne-Retoucher